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Property Management

Marketing and Advertisement of Vacancies

Our marketing experience and market knowledge allows us evaluate vacancies in order to prepare properties, set rents, and develop a leasing program that minimizes the time your property is vacant. We use all appropriate sources to find qualified tenants, such as aggressive advertisement and leveraging our relocation network to fill vacancies as they arise.

Tenant Screening

Discovery Investments believes in and upholds all aspects of the Federal, State and local Fair Housing laws. Our goal is to find responsible and reliable tenants. Credit checks, income and employment verification, rental history and references, along with a personal interview of applicants, are the tools we use to achieve our goal. We carefully examine every single application and reject automatically those who show an eviction on record. The careful selection and screening of prospective tenants is critical and we make it our priority.

Lease Preparation and Disclosure Compliance

Discovery understands that some of the most important and complex issues to arise from property leasing are lease negotiation, preparation and signings. Additionally, our company makes sure to provide all of the necessary State, Federal and Local disclosures to the tenants.

Rent Collection Services

We will collect rent from tenants and will make every effort to ensure that tenants pay in full and on time. Additionally, we suggest and handle rent increases when appropriate, as well as handle all rent control issues, and City landlord requirements. If an eviction should become necessary, Discovery Investments will represent the owner in court.

Maintenance Request and Emergency Services

Should a standard maintenance request or an emergency situation arise, Discovery will either dispatch one of our own maintenance staff, or one of our dependable independent contractors. Both our maintenance staff and our contractors have been selected for their professionalism, responsiveness, quality of work, and cost efficiency in resolving maintenance and emergency issues.

Preventive Maintenance

Our maintenance staff is responsible for both interior and exterior inspections at least once a year to ensure that your property is being maintained according to our standards for service. Routine inspection allows us to keep an eye on your investment, and make minor repairs when necessary in an effort to avoid major repair issues for you in the future.

Income and Expense Reporting

We will provide you with both detailed revenue and expense statements and a cash flow analysis for a better financial overview of your investment. These statements are prepared and emailed to Owners on a monthly basis, along with copies of all paid invoices.

Financial Services

In addition to collection of rent, our company is equipped to pay mortgages, maintenance bills, taxes and insurance.

Remodeling, Rehabilitation and Capital Improvements

Discovery Investments’ team of property managers and our maintenance staff are able to do complete renovations and remodels of buildings, as well as any major or minor improvements needed.