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At Discovery Investments, our goal is to provide tenants a superior rental experience. Our team is accessible by both email and phone. An emergency after-hours line is in place to handle urgent maintenance needs outside of business hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have an emergency after hours! What should I do?

If this is a life-or-death situation, please dial 911 immediately.

For gas leaks, please call PG&E, at 1 (800) 743-5000.

For water main breaks, please call your local water company.

  • EBMUD: 1 (866) 403-2683
  • San Francisco Water/Power/Sewer: dial 311, or email

For other emergencies, please call (510) 584-9064 and follow the instructions on how to page us. The manager on duty will return your call as soon as possible. Please make sure to leave your full name, your address and your phone number, as we may not have this information immediately accessible to us when we receive the page. Please remember to only page us if this is a true emergency which cannot wait until the next day. Examples of emergencies are fires, severe water leaks causing flooding, broken windows, etc. If a repair situation can wait until the next morning, please fill out our on-line maintenance request, or give us a call at (510) 584-9080.

I have a repair that needs to be made. Who should I call?

To report maintenance issues during regular business hours, you may call us at (510) 584-9080, or simply complete a maintenance request via our website. If you require emergency service after hours, please call our 24-hour emergency response system at (510) 584-9064, and listen for instructions to report a maintenance emergency. In case of life-threatening emergencies, like fire, earthquakes or other natural disasters, please dial 911 before calling us!*

*Please be aware: When you call 911 by cell phone, authorities cannot immediately identify your location and city as they can through a land line! When using a cell phone to report an emergency, it is better to call your local police department’s emergency line directly. For your safety, be sure to save their number on speed dial on your cell phone.

My heater isn't working

If you have a furnace, it is most likely that your pilot light blew out, and you will need to relight it. If you do not know how to do this, please contact PG&E at 1-800-743-5000. They provide this service free of charge. If you do not have a furnace, or lighting the pilot light does not solve the problem, please submit a maintenance request and we will come out to inspect the furnace.

I smell gas in my house/apartment

Contact PG&E immediately at 1 (800) 743-5000. They will come out and inspect. Be sure to open all your windows for added ventilation. If you have gas appliances, please be sure the pilot lights are lit.

Something broke?

If it’s an emergency during business hours, call the maintenance line, at (510) 584-9064. If the emergency is after-hours, please call the same number and follow the instructions to page us. If it is not an emergency, please fill out our maintenance request form,, or call the office at (510) 584-9080.

I locked myself out! What should I do?

If you are locked out during business hours, you may come to our office to pick up a key at no charge. Please be sure to return the key within 24 hours to avoid a “key charge.” If you cannot pick up a key, we will send a team member to your location to let you back in. You will, however, be charged a fee for this service per your Lease Agreement. If you are locked out after business hours, call our office at (510) 584-9064. If we are unable to service your call before you need to get into your home, you will need to contact a locksmith, at your own expense, to re-key your door or replace your lock in the event of damage to the existing lock. In the event that locks are changed, all locks are required to be keyed the same. You will be responsible for getting us two copies of the key within 24 hours.

What do I do when I see mildew on my windows?

Moisture can accumulate inside a dwelling if it is not regularly aired out. Allowing moisture to accumulate can cause mildew and mold to grow within a dwelling. It is important that you regularly allow air to circulate in your home by using bathroom fans, ceiling fans, and regularly opening the windows and sliding doors. It is common for mildew or mold to grow if even a small amount of moisture builds up. You should clean up any mold or mildew with a household cleaner, such as one containing bleach. If you experience any plumbing leaks, or leaks from the ceiling or through any door or window, please notify us immediately.

Can I be charged for maintenance at the property?

Yes. If tenant damage or neglect causes the maintenance problem, you will be charged for it. Also, you may be billed for a service call if you miss a scheduled appointment with one of our service technicians. Tenants are required by law to take reasonable care of their rental units, as well as common areas such as hallways and outside areas. Tenants must act to keep those areas clean and undamaged. Tenants also are responsible for repair of damage caused by anyone for whom they are responsible, such as family, guests, or pets. Please refer to your lease and attached House Rules for more details.

Can I paint or modify something in my rental property?

If you desire to alter the property you should submit your request in writing, and wait until you receive written consent before making alterations. Unless you receive written permission from the owner prior to making a change, please do not alter the property in any way.

Can I install cable or satellite TV at the property?

Generally, yes. However, you must first obtain written permission from Discovery Investments. At some properties you may be prohibited from installing a satellite dish in any location where the dish is visible from the ground or from any other unit in the complex. Any cost of installation (or expenses for damage caused by the installation) will be the financial responsibility of the tenant. Satellite dishes may not be installed into the roof or deck surfaces.

My rent is late. What are the consequences?

Please contact our office immediately if you cannot pay your rent on time, to discuss your options. However, regardless of any arrangement that might be made, you will be charged a late payment fee, as outlined in your Lease Agreement.

My lease is coming up for renewal/expiring. Do I need to do anything?

Every lease is different, so we recommend that you review your lease well ahead of its expiration to determine your options. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call us.

What if I need to move out before the lease expires?

You should notify us in writing of your intent to vacate as soon as possible. You are responsible for rent through the end of your lease term, or until the unit is rented (whichever occurs first). In addition, you are responsible for any necessary costs and pro-rated leasing fees incurred by the property owner due to your early termination of the lease. We will make every effort to find a replacement tenant to help mitigate your liability to the owner.

Can I sublease the property?

No. The Lease Agreement clearly states that the tenant shall not sublet any portion of the property, or assign the agreement without written consent from the owner.

What happens if only one roommate wants to move out?

If your roommate moves out, a written notice must be submitted to Discovery Investments. Please remember that tenants are “jointly and severally” liable for their rent. This means that each party that signs the lease is equally responsible for the entire rent—if one tenant can’t pay a share of the rent in a particular month, or simply moves out, the other tenant(s) must still pay the full rent. You must have written permission to substitute a new roommate. (It is not the responsibility of Discovery Investments to arbitrate or mediate problems between multiple co-tenants.) Security deposit reimbursements to departing roommates are handled by the remaining tenants. No portion of the security deposit will be refunded individually.

How do I submit a 30-day notice to vacate?

Please download and complete the “Thirty Day Notice of Residents Intent to Vacate.” Please email form to at least 30 calendar days prior to your move out date. Please be sure to state your full name, property address, and the date which you plan to vacate the unit.

When will I get my security deposit back?

After you move out, California law states that the landlord has up to 21 calendar days to give you either (A) a full refund of your security deposit, or (B) an itemized statement that lists the amounts of any deductions from your security deposit and the reasons for the deductions, together with a refund of any amounts not deducted. You have the right to request an initial inspection walk through of your unit within two weeks of vacating the unit at a mutually agreeable time.

Do I need to patch holes before I vacate the property?

You are not responsible for repairing holes made to hang items that were properly mounted. However, you will be responsible for the cost to repair damage to surfaces due to improper installation, in addition any other necessary repairs due to damage occurring during your tenancy.

Do I need to have my carpets and drapes professionally steam cleaned when I move out?

Yes, this is part of your Lease Agreement. They must be cleaned professionally, not with a rented carpet cleaner. Please make sure to submit a copy of your receipt when you turn in your keys.

How do I get my keys and remotes back to you once I have moved out?

Please drop the keys/remotes/cleaning receipts off at our office no later than one day after your move out date. If you are unable to come by the office, please call our office in advance to make other arrangements.

How much should I expect to pay for utilities?



Alameda Municipal Power

East Bay Municipal Utility District

Utilities Management Concepts
Meter Charge8.37
Wastewater Treatment8.67
Sewer Service12.28
Seismic Improvement1.80

San Francisco Public Utilities Comission

Alameda County Industries

Waste Management

City of Berkeley

If I use Bill Pay to pay my rent when should I schedule my payment?

All Financial Institutions have different time frames for the delivery of your rent payment. Generally, your financial institution will give you an Expected Delivery Date when scheduling your rent payment. In order to avoid late fees, it is best to schedule the Expected Delivery Date of your rent payment for the 1st of the month or a few days before the first. If we received you rent payment after the 5th you will incur a late fee.